Creatrix Extraordinaire

It took decades for my patience to grow into the size of my ideas.

My first memory of creating was trying to make a hammoc for my barbie doll; I think I was about three years old. It was -really- difficult and I was so frustrated.

Now I'm an ever curious glassblower, goldsmith, lampworker, seamstress, mask- and costume maker, FX-make up artist, embroideress, horn carver, singer/songwriter and musician. There are very few craft techniques that has not crossed my path on my long winding journey towards "wherever it is I am now".

I was born in Canada but live in Sweden. There's been a few tours living in my "Heart Home" Scotland and England as well. Crafting is boundless and all I need for making my living is my hands. 

Waking my webshop from it's slumber turned out to be a necessity since the state of the world calls for it. I normally live off markets and direct sales but now it's all upside down and all is cancelled. Which meant I -finally- had to see to my pages and online shops.

It is my intention to keep this page updated and rolling. However, I do suffer from a depression due to exhaustion so there are good and bad days. As everyone else I do my best in handling my life, my orders and my health. This is a reason to why I do not take any commissions right now and only sell finished objects to be sure I can deliver within a reasonable time frame. Thank you for understanding.
On a side note; the material and the nature of these items are quite mercurial, so even when I try I can't do something exactly as requested either. I've tried. ;)

Being a complete n00b on page building I've done my best, but please let me know if there's something missing or not working!

Thank you for taking an interest in my Crafts!
/Sarah Burchill