The Experience

What I wish with this collection is that you will not only get a stunning piece of unique jewelry but an entire experience around it since the material is so special  and hard to come by. 

What you recieve in the mail (-Insects and jewelry only; not jewelry parts - they will be sent in a simple and practical manner):

* The item(s) of your purchase
Insects or jewelry.

* A page with the comprehensive history of the brass pressings
  -Where do the parts come from, and where in history do they belong?
  Most of them I purchased personally from one of the families that created them a century  ago. Read all about it! (Swedish or English)

* A beautiful specially designed vintage-looking tag for the collection
If you purchase an insect it comes with a tag with a unique name, some (made up) fact of where it was found and a unique number for the Curiosity Collection.

*Wrappings in acid-free patterend tissue paper or cellofane lace bag
Depending on the nature of the jewelry ordered there may be a box or other additions.

* Matching satin ribbon in a luxurious silken quality
Who doesn't love a sumptuous ribbon.

* Paper box (and probably lots of Swedish stamps)
Small enough to fit straight into your mailbox at home!


* Limited warranty 
 If there is anything amiss let me know and I'll see if we can sort it out together.

* The gratitide of the artisan
 This is how I make my living. Every customer is a star on my sky!

* A chance to make a mark of your own!
If you wish for me to send it as a secret gift with a personal greeting I'd be happy to oblige! - let me know when you check out the item. I'm a sucker for romantic gestures.


The items are lovingly crafted with attention to detail, durability
and environmental friendly choices.