Material Information and Caring Instructions

No pixies or insects were harmed in the process!


Winged Creature-collection
The pieces are crafted from mainly vintage brass pressings and mixed media, hand tinted wings developed over half a decade of experiments.

What holds it all together is industrial-strength two component epoxy.
The clasp or brooch needle is in addition to that stitched to the base with copper or brass metal thread for extra durability.

The objects are delicate but should not break even from regular wear.
When you do not use the creature, place it somewhere out of sight or reach from children or pets. The best way to keep it in fine shape is in its shipping box or sitting on a flat surface. That keeps the wings nice and straight. If exposed to pressure for an extended time they may bend.

Keep out of direct sunlight as UV light may cause deterioration and colour fading.

They will withstand the occasional damp but please do not get them wet since the many mixed materials might not agree with it.

Paper Tag:
The vintage looking paper tag on your creature is your warranty card.
It has a unique name and number, corresponding with a list I have.
The date on it is the date of purchase. I give a one-year warranty from the date of purchase on the object.

If it breaks by flawed manufacture I will mend it but not if it's run over or chewed on by something (etc.) or intentionally destroyed. Objects under 500 SEK does not qualify for this warranty either.

After communication you ship it to me (your expense) and I return it when it's finished (my expense). An alternative is for me to guide you in how to mend it yourself and possibly send you a spare part for free.
Any way I want to help!
email me at:

Brass pressings:
They are what brought on this collection. They are made in "tombac", a high-copper content kind of brass. The pressings are mostly made in the 1950's, but the original moulds they are pressed in date back to around 1920 and was used for many decades for the same kind of jewelry.

The pressings I work with come mostly from Bohemia which grew famous for their beautiful costume jewelry. The durability and quality of the parts is unrivaled by modern pressings that often are copies of these old ones.

I was fortunate enough to get them from a lovely little old lady named Margot. Her father, Franz Stumpe started out as a form maker and ended up being renowned for his amazing costume jewelry as well as intricate table wear.

If you are curious to know more about the history and do not fear google translate - or know German - here is the link.

When I get them they are dark with oxidation from 80+ years of storage. I put them in a citric acid solution (the most environmental friendly option to clean them) and then tumble them with metal shots to polish them.

In some cases I wish for the patina to remain, so then I only clean and polish them. Nothing beats true aging when it comes to that durable patina perfection!

Brooch pins:
Some of the insects have brooch pins, other shawl clips. Please refer to the description on each object.
Nickel free brooch pins with a little closure to secure it. Modern make.

Shawl clips:
German chromed steel made in the 80's.

A brass alloy with very high content of copper and the rest usually being zinc, 5-20%. It is commonly used in jewelry that is going to get gold plated due to its warm colour. The zinc content hardens the copper while the base material is the most gratifying for plating. The older alloys are usually higher in copper content than modern ones and can even be used for enamel work. 
I cannot vouch for them being 100% nickel free though, due to their age.

Are made out of printed plastic/cellofane/acetate glue and hand painted with inks. I've been working on for about half a decade, on and off. They are the result of countless trials and errors (and lost brain cells) in dozens of combinations of glues, films, resins, cellofane, inks, acrylics, glitter...

Wire wraps:
Only the finest copper wires are used. Please note however that they will tarnish over time or can colour your skin green like every other copper or brass item. If you are worried about this the usual trick is to paint the inside of the piece with clear nail polish. Please note that this might alter the look of the metal and that it will wear/flake and be needed to be re-applied occasionally, depending on usage.

(Cabochon = flatback, domed jewel)
They are made in a vintage bezel frame and topped with a glass dome. Between that are sandwiched layers of mixed media. The open edge around the cabochon is sealed with water proof varnish, but I still recommend caution when it comes to damp and wet conditions. Avoid dunking them in your absinthe, please. 

Earring hooks and all modern jewelry findings are purchased as properly "nickel free" from my purveyor.

Any questions about the collection - feel free to ask.